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A little background
Why do we need to remember the chronology of events which makes up the history of VERNEY-CARRON guns nowadays ?

How can we forget that fateful day in 1820 when a young man, barely out of his teens, took 1st prize in a high level Gunsmith competition at Saint-Etienne, a town proud of its craftsmen and renowned for the quality of its guns. It was an exploit that began the unending reputation of Claude VERNEY, heir to a family steeped in the gunsmiths craft, an ancestor of which, Guy Verney, was already producing shotguns in 1650. When, ten years later, he married Antoinette CARRON, daughter and grand-daughter of gunsmiths, he founded not only a family, but also a name destined to last down through the ages.
Since then, the know-how and values of the firm have been handed down from father to son, each of them willing and capable of picking up the baton and carrying it forward.
Not an easy task, to come down through the ages unscathed and without falling victim to the erosion of this sense of dedication, or experiencing a lack of ability in continuing to produce high quality work with the changing generations.
Today Jean VERNEY-CARRON (6th generation), son of Claude is preparing to face this challenge.
The spirit of his ancestor has not been lost. Far from it, it exists in every gun, in every receiver, in every barrel produced in the boulevard Thiers workshops.
This Jean well knows, it is an honor for him to keep up the tradition: even more than that, it is like a guiding light, this quest to attain far better than just good.

What comes next, to follow the footsteps of the SAGITTAIRE, the SUPER 9, the IMPACT or the FLASH-BALL ?

Doubtless there will be other innovations, other discoveries, which will owe nothing to chance but everything to imagination, to know-how, tenacity and to hard work. There is so much that could be recounted concerning these six generations. Their successes and their failures are the very fabric of this story covering the life of a family, a company and a country.
There is vital and unceasing thing which must be mentioned. It is the real source our success, the reward for all this work and all this love of a craft. It also has a name, loyalty, the loyalty of all our customers, hunters and friends, who have always liked our outlook on life and, more simply, who have always appreciated our guns.
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