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I have just purchased a 16 gauge side-by-side shotgun. It's a "St-Étienne" which seems to date from the early 1900s but is in very good condition. Can you give me some details about this "St-Étienne" shotgun ?

Many hunters and gun collectors throughout the world think that St-Étienne is a brand name. St-Étienne however is the name of the French city in which our company is located.

During the French Revolution, this city was called Armeville and is the home of most of the French Gun Makers. Consequently, there is no such gun as a "St-Étienne", it would be one of many guns made in the city of St-Étienne by one of many companies. Moreover, all our production carries the name "Verney-Carron" in full so any gun not so marked did not see the light of day in our workshops.
Saint-Étienne Internet site


I have recently inherited a 16 gauge over and under used shotgun, serial number 4477 and trademarked "Verney-Carron". Can you tell me the date of manufacture and its approximate value ?

Unfortunately, we are unable to give any information on any of our production which is over 30 years old as almost all our archives were destroyed by a flood when we moved our headquarters in 1980.

As regards the approximate value of our old guns, we are not retailers so we do not have such information.

Telescopic sights: select for quality

It can not be denied that telescopic sights provide accuracy and user comfort that is greater than that provided by mechanical sights (rear and foresights). Whilst every hunting model needs a specific telescopic sight, a general rule that should always be respected is select quality!
It will be a measure of accuracy, reliability and longevity!
The quality of the how the sight is fitted will also impact the quality of the results. Don't hesitate to ask a specialist to do it in order to avoid any problems.

The cost of a telescopic sight and fitting it can easily double the price of a carbine when it is a quality product.

Do you sell directly to end-users ?

In France and in those countries where we have importers, please contact your retailer who will certainly be able to present our range and give you his advice. In other cases, and subject to the legislation applicable in the destination concerned, we can sell direct.

Click here to access the list of our retailers in Mainland France.

I have purchased a “Verney-Carron” gun and the following is marked on the barrels “Acier Diamant”, “PT” below a crown and “18.4”. What does this mean ?

“Acier Diamant” (Diamond Steel in English) is a brand still in use today and guarantees the high quality of the steel used in our barrels. “PT” and the “crown” are the proof-marks (www.cip-bp.org) of the Official Proof House of St-Étienne (www.banc-epreuve.fr) which checks all firearms made in France. 18.4 was the internal diameter of the barrel when it was proofed.

I own a Sagittaire shotgun dated 1970. It has seen a lot of use and I would like to have it overhauled and change the stock which was broken during a fall. Do I have to return the gun to you ?

It is impossible to produce a cost estimate and to know the exact causes of a problem without prior examination of the firearm. Also, we never work directly with end-users (except in those countries where we have no distributor).

For these reasons we recommend that you contact your retailer/gunsmith and have him analyze the problem. Either they will do the necessary work themselves or they will return the gun to us.


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