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In order to guarantee you the best service and optimum quality, Verney-Carron has gathered together the following state-of-the-art facilities:

Design, thanks to a Design Office equipped with CAD,
Production, thanks to our CAM, our 6,000 m2 workshop and our 150 machines,
Organization, which encourages our entire personnel to feel responsible for and be aware of Quality methods and company culture.

This company culture and potential are available to you.
Pierre Verney-Carron,
Chairman of the Board of Directors.
 :: Quality inspection of your products at every stage

The uniformly high quality of the components produced by Verney-Carron is based on 3 major trump cards :
  The facilities at your service :
- air-conditioned premises complete with two 3D measurement centers,
- measurement columns throughout the workshop enable operator checks,
- profile projectors.
  Inspection methods drawn up to suit the complexity and precision of your components.
  Strict compliance with the provisions contained in our Quality Manual.
 :: Quality work done for you

Our Design Office, equipped with Computer-Assisted Design (CAD), designs the tooling and works in close liaison with your technical departments.
Our production capacity, enables us to offer you machining of mechanical components for runs from 100 to 5,000 pieces, up to sizes of 400 x 400 x 400.
Our Computer-Assisted Manufacturing (CAM) has a direct link up to CNC machines.
If requested, we can supply complete sub-assemblies.
Facilities Featuring
6 000 m2 of
workshop space
Machining, hammering, polishing, surface treatment and assembly.

150 machines including:

2 Vertical CNC
machining centers
- Palletized
12 Horizontal CNC
machining centers
- from 2 to 6 pallets,
- 4,axials
- 32 to 120 tools,
- High Speed Machining,
- High pressure lubrication (70 bar),
- Tool breakage detector,
- Renishaw sensors for checking your work-pieces on the pallets.
5 CNC Lathes - Center distances from 350 to 1,250 mm,
- Motorized tools,
- Automatic tool measurements.
Rotary Hammering Machines - 100 tons,
- Fine boring and inside shaping of tubing.
Milling machines, drilling machines, surface and non-centered grinding machines, etc.
 :: VERNEY-CARRON Industrie
Address 54 boulevard THIERS
BP 72W
42002 Saint-Etienne
Cedex 1
Chairman of the Board of Directors M. Pierre VERNEY-CARRON
Legal status S.A. (Joint Stock Company) "including a Monitoring Committee and Board of Directors"
Employees 80
Capital 1.422.000 €
NAF Code 296 B
Phone +33 (0)4 77 79 15 00 Founded in 1820
Fax +33 (0)4 77 79 07 02 E-mail email@verney-carron.com
Quality inspection of your
products at every stage.
Respecting your deadlines.
Quality work done for you.
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