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Hint From a P R O

Hint from a PRO
Steel Shot

Recommendations for firing steel shot from a 12 gauge

Check the proof test marks on the barrel

• Shotguns that have passed the “superior” proof test:

  • Can fire cartridges with ordinary steel shot
  • The cartridge pressure must not be greater than 740 bars
  • The shot diameter must be less than 3.25 mm (N°4 and over)
  • The shot speed must not be more than 400 m/sec.

• Shotguns that have passed the “steel shot” proof test at 1,370 bars:

  • Can fire all types of ammunition with the CIP sign.
  • The cartridge pressure must not be greater than 1,050 bars.
  • The shot diameter must be 4 mm or less if a choke between 1/2and Full choke is used. It can be over 4 mm for chokes of less than 1/2 choke (1/4 and cyl.).
  • The shot speed must not be more than 430 m/sec.

 Extract from the gunsmith’s guide (ONCFS site)

Hint from a PRO
Rifled Guns

Recommendations for rifled firearms & Sights

Adjust well to shoot well

• Confluence adjustment:

Bullets from both barrels of a Double Express shotgun have to hit the same point.
That's what we mean by confluence. When a bullet is fired, the first barrel expands and lengthens slightly. This effects the accuracy of the second barrel in varying degrees depending on the type of ammunition used, (brand, type, grain). Confluence is adjusted for shooting using the type of ammunition shown on the documents delivered with the gun.
To obtain full benefit from this confluence adjustment, we strongly advise you use the recommended ammunition. If however, you wish to use some other type of bullet, you should return the gun to the manufacturer in order to have it readjusted.
Moreover, if you wish to fit a scope, it is indispensable to have a new confluence adjustment made to take this optical aid into account.
In reality, the mere weight of the scope is sufficient to influence barrel vibration and thus affect confluence.                                                    

• Sight adjustment: do your own range finding:

It is important that the hunter can also adjust their own gun. Shotgun sights (rear, front and scope) need to be adjusted in relation to the shooter and to the type of ammunition used. Occasionally sighting devices are used to carry out this operation but they only offer a slight improvement.
What is important is the shooter's personal vision, the way they hold the gun, and also the type of ammunition, as trajectories vary depending on what is used. For which, each requires specific adjustment.

The scope

• Telescopic sights: select for quality

It can not be denied that telescopic sights provide accuracy and user comfort that is greater than that provided by mechanical sights (rear and foresights). Whilst every hunting model needs a specific telescopic sight, a general rule that should always be respected is select quality!
It will be a measure of accuracy, reliability and longevity! The quality of the how the sight is fitted will also impact the quality of the results. Don't hesitate to ask a specialist to do it in order to avoid any problems.

• With or without optic : its up to you

You cannot chop and change between a scope and open sights without experiencing a great deal of disappointment.
When barrel confluence has been adjusted for use with a scope, the gun must always be used with a scope. If you remove the scope (which can be done with swivel scope mounts), this will affect the confluence, and the gun will not shoot accurately. In this case, a new confluence adjustment will be required. This is always possible, but not strictly practical.

• The Red Dot sight: very efficient when used for Battue hunting

Red Dot sights are very efficient when used for Battue hunting. Once again, we advise you to use only a quality model with parallax correction. Only in this way can you guarantee consistent accuracy and to improve your score, don't hesitate, choose the Optimum® Infaillible.


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